Our Finishing supplier that applies backers to our COM fabrics is experiencing labor shortages. As a result we are increasing lead times to 35 days for COM fabrics with finishes.
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For general questions on COM's for vertical surfaces, seating, or laminate:
Please contact the product specialists group at 1-888-STEELCASE.

Customer's Own Material 616 475-2426
Open Line Laminates 616 475-2426
Acrylic Panels 616 475-2426
Solid Surfaces 616 475-2426
Perfect Match Paint- matching program specifically for paint

Steelcase Inc.

Attn: PerfectMatch Paint representative

901 44th Street, S.E.

Grand Rapids, MI 49508


Send all correspondence via Fed Ex or UPS, regular mail will not deliver to this address.


Katie Klapish – 616-247-2079
FAX: 616-698-1535
Customiz Stain - Stain matching program
Steelcase Inc..
Attn: Customiz Stain Consultant, SCW
4100 68th Street
Caledonia, MI 49316

Katie Klapish – 616-247-2079
FAX: 616-698-1535
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